About Us

Mother Nature gives us generous verdant pastures, pure water, and a huge variety of lush grasses, herbs, and flowers. This gives our fresh Alpine milk its unique quality and characteristics. 

We work with partner dairies that provide us with top-quality ingredients every day, from stables that are carefully monitored by the farmers, who feed their cows with traditional, natural fodder. 


We are an innovative company and, thanks to our advanced technology, we guarantee non-GMO products of absolute excellence, to ensure a healthy, pure and natural lifestyle as well as a genuine diet. 



Our vision is to supply our customers with a carefully crafted, high-quality niche product from non-GMO milk and whey from South Tyrol and the surrounding Alpine region. Together with our clients we develop tailor-made products and adapt them flexibly to their specific and individual needs. 


Our mission is to satisfy customers and international partners in the premium food industry, with whom we establish solid long-term relationships of trust, offering milk and whey derivatives, 100% natural and of high quality.

We respect the tradition of small family-owned farms in the Alpine region, as well as our environment. We guarantee the traceability as well as the social and economic sustainability of our products. 

  • 2017

    Dolomites Milk is born

  • 2018

    Construction of the production plant begins

  • 2019

    Production begins

Our values

Pure and fresh... naturally Alpine milk!  

Dolomites Milk is synonymous with quality and reliability. We promote a well-balanced way of life and aim towards continuous innovation, while maintaining firm roots that connect us with historical Alpine traditions and simply ‘Made in Italy’. Modern processing systems maintain the flavor and natural characteristics of Alpine milk and whey along every step of a short and carefully monitored supply chain. Within this context, we benefit from the highest standards of hygiene and sanitary practices and optimize the entire production process in order to reduce waste, with an emphasis on respect for people and the environment.  


Our products

We provide milk and whey powder for national and international clients, especially for chocolate, pastry, bakery, ice cream and infant formula manufacturers. We offer our customers a wide range of healthy, tasty and non-GMO certified products.

On request, we can also develop customized recipes for milk and whey powder with various degrees of demineralization. 



Whey Powder

Milk Powder

Pastry and Bakery 
Ice cream
Baby food


Numerous certificates attest to the rigorous and innovative business ethos of Dolomites Milk in terms of technical innovation, quality assurance and hygiene standards during processing. We also take into account the nutritional needs of various ethnic or religious groups and can produce Kosher- and Halal-certified products. 

Halal Control
FSSC 22000


Dolomites Milk stands for quality and the certified origin of the raw material, the main strength lies in continuous development: state-of-the-art technology and environmentally friendly systems characterize our production. Our in-house laboratory ensures high-quality standards and secures rapid and precise analyses. Renewable energy based supplies the entire building complete the quest for a holistic approach to sustainability and quality. 


Sustainability is an important element of our corporate policy. Our pursuit of sustainability is reflected in the strategic obiectives in the five fields of action: governance and corporate culture, quality and efficiency, employees and society, resource efficiency and environmental protection, such as corporate information and personal data. The goal is to continuously improve our environmental protection performance and to communicate the achieved status in a transparent manner. 

Work with us

We are a dynamic company, constantly striving to achieve excellence in order to respond to the needs of demanding, quality-conscious customers.
We use modern machinery with a low impact on the environment, and we invest in projects to improve processes and the work environment in order to meet the challenges of the global market.
Our philosophy integrates ethical principles and relies on trust and dialogue in dealing with customers in order to build up lasting cooperation.
An open attitude characterizes our search for new employees, who are the resources that enrich our team with dedication and passion and contribute to the company’s success in a pleasant, integrative working atmosphere.